Laws of Nature is our collaboration to make accessible and appealing contemporary jewelry. Our pieces draw inspiration from natural history, fine, and decorative arts to create wearable, eye catching, and lasting pieces. Each piece is handmade in New Mexico, USA with a focus on craftsmanship and sustainability.


-Michelle McGregor and Suzanne Thornton




Michelle McGregor studied fine arts and interior design in Southern California, after which she went on to spend a decade managing Eden, a celebrated boutique in Hawaii. At Eden, Michelle fell in love with styling jewelry with fashion to create specific and personal looks. She discovered the joys of working with her hands when she studied photography and spent countless hours in the darkroom. Seeking a creative outlet after moving to New Mexico in 2010, she took a jewelry class at a local college and was hooked. Her design process draws on her styling experience and keen eye for detail. She uses silver, bronze, gold filled wire, and semi and precious gemstones, employing the techniques of wire wrapping, metal smithing, and lost wax casting.


For as long as she can remember Suzanne Thornton has been on the lookout for intriguing and wearable handmade jewelry. After studying fine art at college in the UK, and receiving her BA in art history in the US, she continued to study fine art, graphics, and design at every opportunity. She initially made beaded jewelry, but it was when she began fabricating in metal, that she was able to fully integrate her passion and knowledge into making the kind of jewelry she sought. Suzanne works in sterling silver and gold and uses traditional metal fabrication methods including forming, piercing, fusing, and reticulation, often texturing metal using materials such as paper, glue, and bark, frequently showcasing precious and semi-precious stones in her pieces.

Michelle and Suzanne share a love for the ocean and beach life while residing with their families in the beautiful high desert landscape of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Contemporary handmade jewelry, drawing design inspiration from nature and art to create authentic, appealing pieces designed to bring delight for years to come.