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Your jewelry will best retain its finish and luster by avoiding water, especially chlorine (pools, hot tubs, and bleach), and by being carefully stored in a dry place when not in use.


Sterling silver, bronze, and oxidized metals will take on a patina unique to you over time. If you prefer to maintain a satin finish, a gentle swipe with  polishing pad or cloth will bring your piece back to its original luster.

We coat our bronze pieces to preserve the color and to keep your skin from turning green.


Sterling silver will tarnish naturally over time. Be sure to clean the silver only and avoid contact with any stones. Light tarnish can be removed with a 100% cotton or microfiber cloth. The darkened color of oxidized sterling silver is a surface treatment that may naturally lighten with time and wear. Attempting to clean oxidized silver will remove the finish.

14k gold fill has a solid layer of 14k gold bonded to the outside of a base metal. With gentle wear and occasional gentle cleaning, 14K gold fill jewelry will maintain its gold surface for many years.


To clean most stones and pearls, wipe gently with a damp cloth and dry with a soft cloth. Avoid hot water, soaking, chemicals, body products, steamers or ultrasonic cleaners.


Please contact us with any specific questions you have.

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